Navy aprehends five illegal immigrants: Crackdown continues amidst Covid-19 fears 

  • Total of 113 persons accused of violating immigration laws
  • Legal action being initiated against law violators

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

A total of 113 persons who have violated the Immigrants and Emigrants Act are being kept under the custody of the Department of Immigration and Emigration at present, Immigration and Emigration Department Media Spokesman Gayan Milinda told The Morning.

He said legal action was currently ongoing against those who violated the Act.

The statistics provided are as of yesterday (31 August), the Media Spokesman said.

In addition, Navy Spokesman Capt. Indika De Silva told The Morning that those who were apprehended by the Navy were handed over to the Police.

Since 2 June till 11 July, the Navy has apprehended five people, he added.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera urged the public to be vigilant and follow all Covid-19-related health guidelines issued by the authorities as there was a threat of illegal immigrants arriving from other countries, especially from India; where the virus was spreading widely.

According to Dr. Samaraweera, due to this threat, if an immigrant was infected with Covid-19, there was a threat of the virus spreading within the society.

He told The Morning that while at present there was no such threat in society, the public should be vigilant and must follow all health guidelines.