New bail guidelines introduced to reduce overcrowding in prisons

The State Ministry of Prison Management and Prisoner Rehabilitation is taking steps to reduce overcrowding in prisons in the face of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Accordingly, new guidelines have been issued to grant bail to imprisoned persons.

01). The Attorney General has informed the IGP that it would be appropriate to introduce a new category of bail for heroin possession with a gross weight of between 02 and 04 grams, after the category of less than 2 grams of heroin in cases related to heroin.

02). The main objective is not to report to court under Section 54A of the Poisons, Opium and Dangerous Drugs Act in cases where heroin addicts and net weight are less than 01 gram and report under section 78 (5) (a) of the Act. The Attorney General has informed the IGP that drug addicts could be prevented from entering prisons during this interrogation.

03). According to the findings of the investigation, the suspects should inform the relevant Magistrate Courts that they do not object to the granting of bail within 03 months to the suspects in the category of heroin weighing between 02 grams and 04 grams.

04). Further, the IGP has been instructed to report to the Court that he does not object to the granting of bail to the suspects at the outset when they are produced before the court on offenses punishable by imprisonment for one year.

05). Further, in cases of sexual harassment, if the victim is not less than 11 years of age and / or the suspect is unmarried and / or has a premarital affair with her, she is further advised to report to the court at the outset that she is not opposed to granting bail to such suspects.