Sri Lanka’s first press release distribution system launched

News Publisher, a new generation corporate communications agency founded by Fiona Nanayakkara, launched in June 2019. It is Sri Lanka’s first press release distribution system which simplifies the use of corporate communication tools at an affordable price.
As Sri Lanka’s local brands begin to expand their reach to international markets, garnering recognition as industry leaders, mechanisms to better improve the efficiency of communication distribution systems in Sri Lanka are yet to meet increased industry needs. Large investments needed for publicity have become a limiting factor, afforded mainly by multinationals and brands with the capacity to retain PR professionals and agencies alike.
Currently a patent pending product, News Publisher is the result of two years of research to perfect the automation of news distribution, garnering media support whilst developing the industry. News Publisher intends to bridge the capacity gap between budding or smaller brands and MNCs by opening the communications lines between editors and clients through their recently launched online platform.
The platform was created with three main stakeholders in mind. Firstly, the media – working as a communications platform for editors to download press releases and high resolution images to pre-plan their pages where necessary; secondly, SMEs and entrepreneurs – enabling businesses to communicate their stories and innovations to an islandwide audience through national newspapers; and thirdly, public relations agencies too can subscribe for customised packages for PR distribution to maintain quality of publicity garnered for their many clients.
Commenting on the launch of the platform, Nanayakkara stated: “Public relations should be strategic and creative by automating a process, which should have been done quite a while back. We are enabling public relations specialists to focus on the more creative work where they deliver the best of their human effort for their client. The nation’s journalists and editors work tirelessly to deliver news on time, coping with tight deadlines and limited resources. This service enables them too, to limit the daily email dependency to format their page. Furthermore, News Publisher also connects them with communication personnel to clarify media statements and stories with a media enquiry option.”
Created as a web platform, provides users access to all national media editors through the simplicity of an upload and click option for Rs. 5,000 only. News Publisher is set to change the face of marketing as we know it, reducing the cost of publicity by 50% and providing for the needs of additional PR services at guaranteed affordable rates, where necessary.
Cap: News Publisher Founder Fiona Nanayakkara launching the first and only press release distribution system in Sri Lanka