Nimal Perera demands Rs. 10 bn from ABC over “defamatory program”

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Four Corners, Linton Besser, Ali Russell, Lucy Carter and Patrick Begley have been served with legal notice by Nimal Perera’s lawyers for allegedly defaming Perera in a broadcast that linked him without his permission or input to a story based on “unfounded information”.

His lawyers have forwarded a letter of demand over the program titled ‘Profiting from the pandemic: How Aspen Medical cashed in on COVID Four Comers’ posted on its official YouTube channel ‘ABC News In-depth’.

It is claimed that the program contains references to Nimal Perera, which are incorrect and are defamatory. Accordingly, demands have been made to remove the impugned publications completely, and forthwith, in order to prevent continuing damage.

If ABC and its journalists fail to do so, they have been told to consider the notice as a demand to pay Rs. 10 billion as damages within 14 days of the notice.

In the event of non-compliance, Perera’s lawyers state that he will be compelled to institute legal action against ABC and journalists in the District Court of Colombo, Sri Lanka.