Nissanka Senadhipathi to spend Rs 300 m to bring down ventilation machines

Avant-Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi says he is willing to spend Rs 300 m from his personal wealth to bring down ventilation machines to the country, helping the government in the fight against COVID-19.

Senadhipathi releasing a video on his facebook page said he would be able to bring down 200 to 300 ventilation machines from China.

“I have a team who can go to China and bring these machines down. These machines will be fully sterilized and brought down.”

What we want is a flight to be arranged to bring these equipment down, Senadhipathi added.

“In the past few years I have spent Rs. 700 m on lawyers for cases filed against me and have paid Rs. 600 m as ransom money to certain individuals. My business is no longer operational. Hence I expect the government to pay back, in due course, the Rs 300 m ,which I am willing to spend for this equipment.”

Senadhipathi further added that he has arranged 25 fully equipped emergency mobile units to provide nebulization services to patients until they are admitted to hospitals.

Commandos will be trained to conduct this procedure, Senadhipathi added.