No quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers

No quarantine is needed for fully vaccinated travellers, according to the new health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

If the recommended number of doses of the Covid-19 vaccination are completed and the travellers depart from abroad two weeks after the completion of the vaccination, the travellers would be considered fully vaccinated.

According to the Health Ministry, the officer in charge of the quarantine hotel or centre should discharge the traveller after verifying the status of the vaccination through documents and issue a discharge document. If children are below 12 years of age, they can be discharged with fully vaccinated travellers, if they prove Covid-19 negative after the on-arrival PCR test.

However, travellers who do not receive the vaccine and have no residence in Sri Lanka would have to take a PCR test on them between 11 to 14 days of quarantine, and if the result is negative, they will be released after 14 days.

But for Sri Lankans and dual citizens, a seven day PCR test report is available. If the report is negative, the traveller is allowed to stay the remaining period at home until the completion of 14 days.

Meanwhile, citizens or dual citizens staying in a designated quarantine hotel after arriving in Sri Lanka need no prior approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Civil Aviation Authority to arrive in Sri Lanka.

However, citizens staying in a government quarantine centre should obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.