NW Province Governor under fire over remarks on suspending teachers’ salaries

Teachers-principal trade unions have criticized the statement made by the North-Western Province Governor Raja Kollure on deducting salaries of teachers who would not report to in-person teaching at schools.

Several media briefings were held today (20) in this regard.

Kurunegala District chairman of Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) pointed out that the authorities should provide a fair solution for the issue, instead of threatening teachers and principals.

“The teachers would be on strike on the 21st, and they do not plan to return to schools on the 22nd either,” he stated, adding that teachers would however report to duty at schools on Monday (October 25).

Governor Kollure said yesterday the salaries of teachers who refuse to return for in-person education on October 21 will be suspended for the month of November.

He said, as the person operating in the capacity of Education Minister in his province, he would seek action against teachers who continue to be on strike even after reopening of schools.

However, the Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Prof. Kapila Perera, who joined Ada Derana’s BIG FOCUS program earlier today, said he would talk to Kollure on the matter.