Octane-95 stocks sufficient till early July 

  • Kanchana asks public not to buy adulterated fuel from third parties 

Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera said yesterday (23) that there are enough Octane-95 petrol stocks for the next six weeks in the country. 

“Octane-95 petrol will be released to islandwide fuel stations from today (23). With the two cargo vessels unloaded, Octane-95 petrol stocks will be available for the next six weeks comfortably. I request Octane-95 users to not stay in lines for Octane-92 petrol and to instead obtain Octane-95 petrol from tomorrow (24),” Wijesekera Tweeted yesterday. 

A heavy shortage of petrol brought the country to a halt last week. Fuel queues were seen at nearly every fuel station in the Colombo 7 area yesterday as well. 

Meanwhile, many allegations are being levelled of a growing black market of fuel, often mixed with other products, being sold at exorbitant prices to consumers. Wijesekera requested yesterday that the public not encourage such businesses. 

“I request the public to not purchase petroleum products from third parties. Investigations have revealed that individuals engaged in collecting fuel tend to mix petroleum products with other liquids to sell at higher rates. I urge the public not to encourage such businesses, and to report them,” he said. 

The economic crisis, fuelled by the shortage of foreign exchange reserves, has severely affected the country’s energy sector, as last week saw some of the worst fuel queues in the country so far, with the public having to endure fuel queues that last days on end to obtain a rationed amount of fuel for their vehicles.