Omaya: A girl who dreams to fly 

Omaya Pethari is a student from Sri Mahinda Dhamma School and she currently studies in Grade Three. She is a chess player and has been facing the elocution exam since she was just three years old. Her ambition is to become a pilot. Here is what Omaya shared with Little Stars readers!

Tell us more about yourself.

I live in Rajagiriya with my parents and my little sister. Other than playing chess, I like to read storybooks and draw. I attend Sri Mahinda Dhamma School in Ethul Kotte. I like to sing too. I am a member of the Dhamma School choir and I have participated in bhakti geetha programmes. That’s another thing that I enjoy.

Is chess your favourite sport?

Yes, it is. That’s what I do mostly during my free time. But the only thing is there needs to be another player available to play. I play mostly with my father. I learnt to play chess from my school.

You said you were just three years old when you started your elocution training. Do you enjoy that?

Yes. I get my training from Ms. Menaka Owitigama at Hello World Institute. I always look forward to going to my elocution class. That is fun. I do both spoken and written exams and I have received honours in each of the grades I face. That makes me happy.

Tell us about your liking for reading as well.

I do read a lot and I have a big collection of both old and new books. Most of all, I like to read the stories of our national heroes. I prefer reading to watching cartoons, but I do enjoy cartoons too. My favourite cartoon is The Flintstones.

What is your most memorable achievement?

I have received many cups and trophies for my elocution exams. But my most memorable achievement is from an art competition organised by the Kaduwela AGM office. My winning drawing is still exhibited there. I feel very happy each time someone tells me about it.

What is your ambition?

Well, I have always wanted to fly on my own. But you know we can’t do that because we don’t have wings. But I think if I study hard to become a pilot, that wouldn’t really matter. So I dream of becoming a pilot one day.