Only the UNP can see and build a better future says Ranil

History has shown that it was the UNP that can foresee the future and has the ability to build the country the way it should, said United National Party (UNP) leader and MP Ranil Wickremesinghe.

He made these comments during a media brief after the launch of the UNP membership drive yesterday (20).

“The UNP is the only party that can foresee the future and build it. I had the opportunity in 2003 to make this country self-reliant in rice. Our Government also launched Suwa Seriya. Although we saw the future, there were others who did not. We faced a lot of internal and external opposition when we tried to give students tabs. They claimed that our children would become sterile. But today, it is our educational system that has become sterile. We were defeated and have come down to just one parliamentarian. But today, it is evident that the UNP saw the future and we can build the future as well,” said Wickremesinghe.

Meanwhile, Wickremesinghe launched the first Digital Membership programme via a mobile application as well to commemorate former Prime Minister D.S Senanayake yesterday.