Onyx Industries proposes one-stop shop solution for steel fabrication

In the latest development to the construction industry, Onyx Industries proposes a one-stop shop solution for steel fabrication.

The company provides professional services of a steel fabricator who would start operations from the approved designs and deliver the structure completed, quality checked and with an assured guarantee.

Onyx Industries through its holistic approach to steel fabrication provides its clients a hassle-free, cost-effective professional solution that competition finds hard to match.

Whether it is a single unit construction or a chain of facilities spreading across the country, Onyx Industries has the team strength and fabrication capacity to deliver.

Given the current trends in the field of construction, more businesses seeking to establish warehouses, shopping malls, showrooms, restaurants, fuel marts or any other facility are turning towards the use of steel fabrication.

Fabricated steel is gaining increased popularity because it is cost-effective not only to construct, but to de-construct as well. Particularly this is important if the tenant is on lease for the land only.

Furthermore, it is beneficial for the lessor just as it is for the lessee. For the tenant, it provides the ease of dismantling, and maximum reusability of construction material when shifting at the end of the land lease term.

As for the landowner, it offers the ability to free up the area to create opportunities to go with the times and innovate new and better business prospects. Overall, the ease of dismantling a steel structure appears to be more sought after as opposed to the comparatively monstrous process of bringing concrete structures down.

Steel fabrication augments well with any business prospect as its carbon footprint is significantly smaller to that of the conventional use of reinforced concrete.

Having been established in 2005 and headquartered in Dubai, the ISO: 9001-2015 compliant Onyx Industries has served a vast repertoire of clients in the UAE, particularly in the Sharjah Airport International Saif Zone.

Onyx Industries is the affiliate of Onyx Group, owners of Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, LANWA Cement and Rigid Tyre Corporation Private Limited- just to name the Sri Lankan counterparts.

Established in 2005, with its headquaters in Dubai, UAE, Onyx industries is ISO: 9001 -2015 compliant company.