Our development works were not properly communicated to the public: President

One of the weaknesses of our government was that our development works were not properly communicated to the people, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said today (25) in his special address to the nation.

In this context, he said that the people witnessed only problems through media platforms.

“Only questionable events were discussed on social media. Therefore, no one talked about the benefits received to the country and the people from the development projects carried out by the government amidst the coronavirus crisis,” he stated.

He stressed that people should be aware of the development works done by the government even if it does not carry out propaganda activities to inflate personalities.

“Otherwise, the government’s opponents will have the opportunity to spread false information based on political agendas. As a result of this situation, truth is being overshadowed today by lies,” President Rajapaksa said.

Under the current circumstances with the debt crisis, the President noted that it is the responsibility of the government to prevent the occurrence of a foreign exchange crisis.

“So as a government we had to take some harsh decisions. That is why we had to ban some non-essential imports, especially the importation of luxury goods. These are not the restrictions that we expect to maintain forever. We hope that intelligent people, who love the country, see the future and identify the needs of the time and will extend their help to us to overcome this crisis,” he said.