Our objective is to build physically and mentally strong society: Namal

Namal Rajapaksa, Minister of Youth and Sports stated that the objective of his ministry is to build a society that is physically and mentally strong and recognizes its responsibilities in the country.

This was stated by Minister Rajapaksa while participating in the ‘Yovun Seela Samadhi’ programme held at Seruwila Mangala Rajamaha Vihara.

Minister Rajapaksa participated in the planting of Atavisi Bo-trees at the Rajamaha Vihara and distributed saplings to the people of the area through the ‘Wana Arana Project’.

The Minister said that the “Yovun Sheela Samadhi” programme will be launched with the aim of building the country’s physical resources as well as human resources and creating a future generation of young people with good intentions.