Over five arrested for drug related offences yesterday

Three drug raids were carried out in the Modara area yesterday (06). One suspect in possession of 150 grams and 200 milligrams of heroin was arrested by the Organized Crime Division along with a motorcycle.

Another suspect was also arrested in Modara Rock House Lane with 5 grams and 250 milligrams of heroin. The raid was carried out by the Colombo North Investigation Division.

In the same area, another suspect was arrested with 2 grams and 400 milligrams of heroin.

A drug raid was also carried out in the Grand Pass area resulting in the arrest of a resident of the same area with 03 grams and 100 milligrams of heroin. The suspect is due to be produced before the Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court today, Borella Police said.

Meanwhile, a resident of Borella was arrested in the Seevalipura area in Borella with 2 grams and 500 milligrams of heroin and is due to be produced in court today.