Unions seek compromise on estate wage issue

Estate trade unions are looking to reach a compromise with plantation companies on the wage issue, which has lasted for several weeks.

Following talks with trade unions, Minister of Labour, Trade Union Relations and Social Empowerment Daya Gamage hopes to meet Regional Plantation Companies (RPC) to reach a settlement.

United National Party (UNP) Badulla district Parliamentarian and trade union leader Vadivel Suresh told The Sunday Morning that he had talks with Gamage on Friday.

“I handed over to him the proposals submitted to me by several trade unions. We have asked him to look to obtain a reasonable salary. Trade unions are asking for Rs. 1,000 while RPCs are offering Rs. 600 as a daily wage,” he said.

Vadivel Suresh said that the demand for Rs. 1,000 is reasonable, in his opinion, since one term increment has already been missed as a result of the pay dispute.

He said that trade unions will not agree to Rs. 600 but will accept a reasonable settlement.
The RPCs have so far refused to agree to Rs. 1,000 and instead are offering a productivity based wage model as a solution.
– Easwaran Rutnam