Pay special attention to Western Province: Prez

A statement released by the President’s Media Division (PMD) revealed that during a discussion held with the COVID-19 Committee on Friday (May 07), which meets daily at the Presidential Secretariat, the President had pointed out that it is important to pay special attention to the Western Province, which is largely responsible for the spread of the virus.

The President emphasized that the maximum number of coronavirus inoculations should be administered within a short period of time and thus instructed the relevant officials to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine import procedure and the inoculation drive.

The statement also noted that negotiations are already underway to obtain vaccines from countries where there is an excess of AstraZeneca vaccines and that maximum measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus by closing and restricting areas where infected persons have been identified.

The PMD also mentioned that steps have been taken to maintain the facilities at all hospitals at the required level. The officials said that the support of the people was also essential for the success of the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus.