PM to appoint new committee for Easter probe

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he will appoint an independent committee to investigate the Easter Sunday attacks.

Wickremesinghe was speaking at an event in Galle today(6).

The premier said the decision was taken in response to Colombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s repeated calls for an independent and transparent probe into the attacks.

He said the third committee will use the information gathered by the Presidential Commission and the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to conduct further independent investigations.

Accordingly, in six months, the new committee would be able to declare the finding of the investigations, he said.

The PSC is currently in the process of finalizing its reports on the investigations.

“The Government’s swift decisions have helped the country recover from the aftermath of the Easter attacks.” Wickremesinghe said.

“Within two months of the Easter bombings  all those who were involved were arrested by the police.” he said.