Police sends 100 school dropouts back to school

  • Community Police launch programme including financial support 

BY Buddhika Samaraweera

Nearly 100 children who had dropped out of schooling have been sent back to schools under the first phase of the programme launched by the Police Department’s Community Police Unit to send non-schooling children in the Western Province (WP) to schools.

Speaking to The Morning yesterday (2), Public Security Ministry Secretary Gen. (Retd.) Jagath Alwis said that under the initial phase of the programme, about 100 children who had dropped out of school were sent back to schools. He added that the Police would also provide them with the necessary financial assistance.

“This programme was initiated as part of the community policing concept. This is first being implemented in the WP as we have noticed many social and economic issues that have affected the families living there. There are many segments of the population in the WP and many of them don’t have enough finances to send their children to school. That is why the Police implemented this,” he said.

In order to support such children and their families, Alwis said that the Police is working with certain non-governmental organisations (NGOs). He said: “There are some well-wishers who have opted to support this programme. The Police make use of all of them.”

He further said that even after such children were sent to schools, the Community Police Unit would monitor if they have any other issues. He added that the Police would continue to educate the parents in the WP, thereby encouraging them to send their children to schools, even amidst the economic hardships they may face.