Port City Economic Commission Bill a ploy to establish a Chinese colony: Wijeyadasa

MP Wijeyadasa Rajapaksa stated today (15) that the Port City Economic Commission Bill is a ploy established by the government to make the Port City a Chinese colony.

He stated that over 15 court cases have been filed against the instilling of the Port City Commission Bill.

“The government put forward this Bill during a time when all citizens were on holiday so they would not pay much attention to this matter. The Chinese now have the Colombo South Jetty, in addition to the harbour and Hambantota,” he stated at a press conference held today (15)

He also stated that while everyone thought the Chinese acquisition of the Hambantota Port was done by the Yahapalana government, the Opposition at that time also played a role in it.

“What they are doing is selling the country off and returning to America, where they are residents. Basil Rajapaksa is the mastermind behind these decisions, not the President,” Wijeyadasa said.

He also accused the government of bribing the entire country in order to perform such illegal actions.

Further, Chief Incumbent of the Abhayarama Temple Ven. Ananda Muruththettuwe Thera stated that they would not allow the country to be the home of a Chinese colony.

“We are not against the decisions of the government. We do not wish to oppose the government but we have to take a stand in this regard,” the Thera said.