President orders officials to ensure adequate fertilizer supply during Yala season

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has directed officials to ensure supply of the required amount of fertilizer for the Yala season without delay.

The fertilizer stocks are due to arrive in the island within the coming weeks.

These directives were issued by Rajapaksa during a review of the current process of importation and distribution of fertilizer stocks.

The discussion took place at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (3).

The President has further instructed that a proper procedure be put into place for the swift distribution fertilizer among all the farmers around the country.

Issues pertaining to the importation of fertilizer were discussed in-depth and the President advised to obtain the preliminary inspection reports on the quality of fertilizer within 10 days prior to distribution.

The President had also highlighted the significance of educating the farming community about the harmful aspects of using chemical fertilizer over organic. He noted that it was high time they are gradually directed towards the use of organic fertilizer in their cultivation.