Presidential Pardon being considered for Royal Park murder convict

President Maithripala Sirisena said he may consider granting a presidential pardon to Royal Park murder convict Jude Shramantha Anthony Jayamaha.

Sirisena was speaking at the National Youth Model United Nations conference held in Colombo yesterday.

Sirisena said he had received a request for a Presidential pardon for Shramantha Jayamaha.

Jayamaha was sentenced to death in the 2005  murder of Swedish national Yvonne Johnson at the Royal Park condominium.

Sirisena said Jayamaha was sentenced at the age of 19, and now is a reformed individual. He added that the latter had also completed a PhD while in prison.

19 year old,  Yvonne Johnson, was found brutally murdered at the Royal Park Condominium in the late hours of 30 June 2005, local media reported. Jayamaha was the boyfriend of the victim’s younger sister.

In 2006 the High Court ordered a 12 year prison sentence for Jayamaha. In 2012 Jayamaha was given the death sentence by the Court of Appeal  following an application by the Attorney General’s department against the earlier verdict.

In June 2014 the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence on the convict.