Principals and teachers given five days to make preparations for the commencement of schools

The implementation of health guidelines for the reopening of schools will be commenced today and the parents and teachers will be made aware of these health regulations accordingly, the Education Ministry said.

It said health recommendations related to the new methodology have been posted on the website of the Ministry of Education.

Principals have been instructed to conduct preliminary preparations for the commencement of school on 06th, 07th, 08th, 09th and 10th January 2021 with the participation of a limited number of parents and members of the Past Pupils’ Association subject to health advice.

They have also been advised to take necessary action with the area health officer, public health inspector on how school teachers and staff should act in the event of a detection of an infected person.

They have been instructed to ensure compulsory wearing of face masks when students come to school, during and after school. It was allowed for primary school children to loosen their masks and cover their faces when surroundings are disinfected if it is difficult.

Mandatory checking of body temperature of all students upon entering the school and re-examining of body temperature when required is encouraged.

Further, students were instructed to maintain distance. To further implement social distancing, teachers were instructed to arrange leisure time as required at class level to prevent students from gathering.

Students were also instructed to avoid sharing food, water and equipment brought from home, and engaging in risky sports that involve contact with each other and maintaining fitness activities while maintaining distance.

Teachers are instructed to collect telephone numbers and information required to call in case of an emergency and display it in their office and inform the staff about it.

In the event of a sudden school patient being reported, it was informed to keep the patient in the dormitory and follow the instructions of the area health officer or public health inspector.

Further, the mental health of children was also prioritized, as instructions were given to improve mental health of children. Teachers were also encouraged to assist children who stay at home due to any condition related to the COVID-19 virus to carry out day-to-day education.