Proposal made to ban wearing of face veils in public: Justice Minister

Justice Minister Ali Sabry said today a proposal has been made to the Cabinet to bring in laws to ban the wearing of face veils, that could pose a threat to national security, in public.

Speaking at a special news briefing held at the ministry, the minister said a proposal to amend the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) has already been submitted to the cabinet late last year.

Responding to reports, Minister Sabry said there was no move at all to either amend or abolish the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance.

“There is no attempt whatsoever to change this piece of legislation. The crux of the speech I made in Parliament recently in response to MP Rathana Thera was that the removal of Article 16 of the Constitution will result in abolishment of all laws under it. What I said was that the Article 16 cannot be repealed at once, as the laws under it should be studied separately if the Article 16 is to be abolished,” he said.