Proposed changes to National Flag: Still at ministerial level: Govt. 

  • Changes proposed to format of the lion 

  • No significant change: Keheliya 


The proposed changes to Sri Lanka’s National Flag remain at ministerial level, and have not been brought before the Cabinet as of yet, stated Cabinet Spokesperson Keheliya Rambukwella.

During a news briefing held early this week, Defence Secretary (Retd.) General Kamal Gunaratne said that proposals have been made to amend the lion in the National Flag. 

A committee appointed at the Home Affairs Ministry has taken these proposals into consideration. 

When contacted, Rambukwella told The Sunday Morning that, according to the Defence Secretary, a committee had been appointed to look into the suggestions, but they have not been put forward to the Cabinet yet. 

“They are still at the ministerial level. There have been requests and certain concerns from certain people saying that this is not the right thing. So, an opportunity has been given to submit their proposals to list out the reasons. I believe what he (Gen. Gunaratne) said was that there have been certain proposals, and that they are under consideration at the ministerial committee level,” he said. 

When queried about the groups that have raised concerns, Rambukwella said that he was unaware of anything further in this regard, and that the Defence Secretary should be consulted for relevant information. 

Commenting further on the proposed changes, he said that they were regarding the format of the lion. “There will be no significant change, and that is what Gunaratne said,” the Minister added. 

Despite attempts made to contact him, Gen. Gunaratne was not available for comment.