“Protecting nature is our responsibility” – Theekshana Kaveen

By Kusumanjalee Thilakarathna

PHOTO Saman Abesiriwardena 

Theekshana Kaveen Weththasinghe is an eight-year-old student from Sethnadee Primary School, Bandaragama. He loves to dance and says that he wants to learn more skills to become a talented dancer. His first dance gurus were his two older sisters and he says they inspired him to participate in concerts and competitions in school. 


Q: Theekshana, can you tell us more about yourself?

A: I am eight years old and I am now in grade four. I live in Panadura with my parents and my two sisters. My oldest sister is 18 years old and the other one is 13. Both of them are talented dancers. 

I attend Sethnadee Primary School in Bandaragama and I love to play with my friends in school. I am glad to be going back to school after a long break. What I love to do the most is dancing. I like to ride my bike and play cricket with my sisters when we take a break from dancing. I am a good singer too.


Q: You said your sisters inspired you to learn dancing. 

A: Yes. They were the first ones to teach me the skills that are required. When my parents noticed that I am good at dancing, they sent me to teacher Nuwan Sewwandi Amarasiri-Gunawardena to practise further. I have improved a lot now. 


Q: What is your favourite subject in school?

A: Mathematics.


Q: How do you think learning mathematics will benefit you in the future?

A: Well, knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide is very useful in day-to-day activities; like when you go to the market and you have to calculate how much you have to pay or how much change you should get from the vendor. Sometimes, it helps to guess the quantity of something that you need – if two spoons of sugar are needed for one person, how many spoons will 10 people need. It helps to understand other subjects in school too. 


Q: What are the other areas you are interested in?

A: Environmental conservation is my next best interest. I love taking care of the things that I find in nature. 


Q: How can children help to protect nature? 

A: All of us love nature and it is our responsibility to protect it. We can start by doing small things like conserving water, using fewer plastics, planting more trees in the garden, recycling, and reusing. If you stop to think, you’ll be able to think of many ways in which you can contribute, and sometimes you will be able to recognise what you do wrong.