Providing exemplary healthcare to the youth

  • Kids and Teens Medical Group launches in Sri Lanka

Kids and Teens (K&T) Medical Group is a general paediatrics practice, launched recently, that takes an integrated approach to care, launched recently. Located at the heart of Colombo at Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7, their doors are now open for consultation for the general public.

Their vision is to provide the highest degree of healthcare under a simple yet effective philosophy. K&T is one of the largest and leading paediatric primary care centres in Los Angeles, California with 11 locations and has been successfully operating for over 15 years.

Kids and Teens Medical Group USA Co-Founder and CEO Sunil De Silva along with his wife Dr. Janesri De Silva MD, FAAP (Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics) partnered with McLaren’s Group Chairman Rohan De Silva to launch the practice in Sri Lanka. K&T has also collaborated with the Healthy Life Clinic by Dr. Kayathri Periasamy. 

As the digitisation of health increases, more and more people are looking for healthcare support and solutions that are easily accessible and it is here that K&T and Healthy Life Clinic configured itself to provide quality healthy solutions by offering a range of comprehensive primary care such as consultations, patient care, guidance on development and nutrition, and parenting tips and resources.

McLaren’s Group Chairman Rohan De Silva

With tastefully designed interiors, the medical facility houses several capacious diagnostic and therapy spaces fitted with up-to-date diagnostic and treatment tools. The clinic’s secondary area of focus, family medicine, drives a comprehensive healthcare agenda for families and individuals to help proactively maintain their health and wellbeing.

The Healthy Life Clinic is a holistic healthcare centre that treats a broad portfolio of diagnostic and proactive health management solutions. They provide instant consultation services, diabetes care, diet and nutrition advice, foot care, eye care, medical check-ups, and endocrinology services through a wide network of medical professionals, enabling immediate medical advice for any health issue without having to wait for an appointment. 

Speaking at the launch of K&T, Sunil De Silva commented: “We believe there is a shortcoming in the Sri Lankan clinic system. Our strength is to help the patient and the physician to follow up on conditions and wellbeing. Sri Lankan physicians will have the luxury of being able to participate in the latest care guidelines through our network in the US. If the necessity arises, our team in Los Angeles, US will be able to offer second or third opinions on diseases.”

Training staff to offer a seamless medical solution

Maclaren’s Group Managing Director Shehara De Silva

Speaking at the launch, Kids & Teens Medical Group Vice President – Operations and Contracting Pam Hankins who joined virtually, stated that when they first started their Sri Lankan back office operations, the staff in Sri Lanka knew virtually nothing about the medical profession, but they had the desire within them to serve the community and care for children and their families, and treat that as the number one task when entrusted with the care of children into their hands. 

Giving us more insight into the training procedure, she explained: “Our Sri Lankan staff underwent a rigorous and extensive training programme, headed by our US-based management team of healthcare professionals.” The training programme involved how US-based medical clinics are structured, operate and handle the myriad of patient, hospital, laboratory, and physician inquiries that present themselves throughout a typical workday.

They had to learn and understand medical terminology, along with dealing with worried parents, co-ordinating care teams to avoid potential life-threatening medical emergencies – all of which requires a calm and careful thought process which not many people are equipped to handle.

De Silva further noted that their specialities are accommodating patients throughout the day each day and making every effort to offer same-day appointments. They are equipped to provide reliable and quality healthcare at affordable prices for all and hope to branch out to up to 10 offices by next year.

Improving the efficiency of healthcare industry

Explaining why K&T Medical Group is so impactful, De Silva stated that for the first time in Sri Lanka, all medical records shall be maintained digitally and electronically for in-outpatient primary care. Through their use of centralised medical records, they are able to assess all medical information in one place, allowing the healthcare professionals to have an up-to-date report of the patient’s health from anywhere around the globe. They are implementing a new revolutionised system to improve the efficiency of the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka.

Kids and Teens Medical Group USA Co-Founder and CEO Sunil De Silva

“All doctors shall be trained and the medical officers will be available exclusively at the clinic,” De Silva commented, adding that some of the renowned specialists and medical professionals who will be working with them are Dr. Yasas Abeywickrama, Dr. Kosala Karunarathna, Dr. Rajaratnam Ajanthan, Dr. Mohamed Imran Muhuseen, Dr. Ruvaiz Haniffa, Benjamin Yoga, Dr. Janaka Algama, Ramya Devi, and Dr. Rasheeda Ali, to name a few.

In conversation with Dr. Janesri De Silva, she stated: “Our vision and goal is to improve healthcare by implementing what we have learned in the US to Sri Lanka. By maintaining a system where we inform patients who are behind on their vaccines or preventive health visits and other chronic illnesses such as asthma and diabetes.”

On the topic of how the pandemic affected them, she shared that they have grown a lot during the pandemic and created new protocols to keep their patients and staff safe and protected by using their knowledge from serving over 250,000 patients and 11 clinics in the US.

In addition to providing consultation, immunisations, and child check-ups, paediatricians on staff see patients for a variety of acute and chronic illnesses. This is often the first stop for patients requiring a diagnosis and treatment, or a referral to a specialist if necessary. For example, she explained that if you come in as a patient, the follow-up of the labs and medical records for whatever condition you have are choreographed; this will take place in such a manner that the recall has to happen.

At K&T, they are passionate about providing quality healthcare and the team views children as the future and believe it’s their duty to preserve their health, prevent illness, and optimise wellness and wellbeing.

The operational clinic hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they have on-call doctors and telemedicine facilities available 24/7.


Contact:  +94-114-700-700