Public reluctant to take PCRs: CMC


  • 600-800 tests done daily

  • Average of 75 patients per day from Colombo


By Dinitha Rathnayake


Members of the public do not have a positive impression about PCR tests and they are not willing to come forward for testing, according to Colombo Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni, who is attached to the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC).

Speaking at a press conference held yesterday (21) regarding the current situation in Colombo, he said that this has become a major issue and the CMC requests the public to voluntarily help solve this issue.
“Please come forward and support us in eliminating this situation.”

According to Dr. Wijayamuni, 600 to 800 PCR tests are done daily in Colombo.

Meanwhile, 75 Covid-19-positive individuals are reported daily from Colombo and 19,299 Covid-19-positive individuals have been reported from Colombo since March 2020 to date.

“A year ago, only two or three individuals were reported daily. However, it increased after 19 April this year, to 100. But now it has reduced to an average of 75,” he noted.

Accordingly, Dr. Wijayamuni said that he is happy with the vaccination process so far, adding that they were able to complete the vaccination for 60% of the population who are 60 years and above and 40% of the population who are 30 years and above, at least with a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, within the Colombo area.

“This is the largest immunity boosting we have done so far and around 8,000 people are vaccinated daily in eight centres. We are delighted about our data system, where we have around 200,000 individuals registered.”
Those individuals are informed by way of a SMS text about the time and date of their vaccination.