Public requested to send in proposals for Election Law Reforms

The Select Committee of Parliament to Identify Appropriate Reforms of Election Laws and the Electoral System has requested the general public and interested organisations to send in their proposals for the purpose of reforming the Electoral System and Election Laws before 19 June 2021.

Accordingly, the Select Committee of Parliament, chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Leader of the House of Parliament Dinesh Gunawardena, decided to identify the appropriate reforms to the Election laws and the Electoral system so that necessary amendments may be made.

Committee Secretary and Parliament Deputy Secretary General and Chief of Staff Kushani Rohanadeera, on behalf of the Committee, has requested the proposals to be submitted to the Committee in writing or by email to .

“Written proposals and ideas should be sent addressed to the Secretary to the Select Committee of Parliament, Parliament of Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte. If the Committee intends to obtain oral evidence from the delegates, the relevant parties will be summoned to appear before the Committee in due course,” Rohanadeera said.