Quarantine centre in Iranamadu: 126 civilians released

A group of 126 civilians, who were under quarantine at the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) facility in Iranamadu, have been released upon completion of the procedure.

This quarantine centre operated by the SLAF was established on the instructions of Air Force Commander Air Marshal Sumangala Dias in order to support the Government’s efforts in controlling the spread of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka.

These individuals who were released yesterday (23) have been confirmed negative for Covid-19 by PCR tests.

They have also been instructed to be in self isolation for a further 14-day period, in compliance with health precautions.

Accordingly, 25,316 persons have been sent to their homes so far, upon completion of the quarantine procedure.
Reportedly, 4,984 persons are still being quarantined at 47 facilities set up across the country.