Politically backed racial infighting breaks out between looters in Negombo

Racial infighting between a group of Sinhalese and Muslim looters has begun in Negombo, The Morning reliably learns.

According to correspondents on site, the groups have started fires along the roads in close vicinity of the Avenra Gardens and Grandeeza hotels.

Some reports detail that the fighting started after a group supported by an area politician attacked houses in the area accusing residence of being involved in looting.

Negombo Police says that they are currently at the scene and are attempting to control the situation.

UPDATE 9.15PM 10/05/22

Negombo residents say situation under control

The tense situation that arose in Negombo is reportedly now under control according to input from several residents, The Morning learns.

The residents also expressed great anger that elements with vested interests were seeking to create religious disharmony among the community and said they would not fall prey to these tactics again.

However, the Negombo Police says that officers have been deployed to the scene of the tensions, yet the situation has not been brought under control.

Earlier, tensions arose when a group allegedly backed by a politician from the area accused Muslim residents of destroying the Avenra Gardens and Grandeeza hotels.

While it was initially reported that racial tensions arose because of this, several live streams on social media detailed that no such racial tensions arose, as many residents were aware that an outside group caused the issue.