Ragama medical staff under quarantine after patient fails to disclose vital information

Ragama Hospital medical staff have been subject to quarantine after a patient had failed to disclose vital information about his whereabouts.

The patient reported to be from the Ja-Ella area had been warded for chest ailments.

He had not disclosed to the medical staff that he had associated a few individuals who had come down from Italy, Ragama Hospital Deputy Director Dr. Sarath Premasiri said.

“We were informed by one of his relatives about his whereabouts and then we decided to isolate him and test him for the virus. The patient later tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19),” Premasiri added.

Premasiri said that many people including nurses, doctors, patients, minor staff and those who had come to see other patients were exposed while he was in the male ward, for one and a half days, prior to having been isolated in a different ward.