Rahman and Jayasumana engage in heated debate over vaccine costs

A heated debate broke out in Parliament a short while ago between Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Mujibur Rahman and State Minister of Production, Supply and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals Channa Jayasumana regarding the cost of the vaccines that were purchased by the Government.

“An investigation must be done in regard to the cost of the vaccines that were purchased by the Sri Lankan Government. The Sinopharm vaccine cost was USD 10, whereas our country had purchased them at USD 15. This needs to be looked into. The President came into power claiming to stop the corruption and bring about a change. If that is what he claimed, then he also needs to investigate this fraud,” said Rahman.

In response to these allegations, Jayasumana said that it was unfair that Rahman would make such accusations without having any backing proof and also not knowing the price of the vaccines at that time.

“Don’t make assumptions without knowing the details. We purchased the vaccines at the given price at that time. No one made a profit from these vaccines,” said Jayasumana.

During the debate, the Members of Parliament from the Government side were shouting and making remarks to which the Speaker of the House insisted that order be maintained in a Parliamentary setting.

“It must be annoying when the truth is revealed. That is why you all are shouting. I only asked for an investigation. What is so wrong in that,” asked Rahman.

Meanwhile, Jayasumana kept refuting the claims made by Rahman and insisted that no commissions were made and the Opposition was making a scene so as to draw attention to smaller problems.