Everything you need to know about the Reborn Virtual Festival

Underground Milano is set to host the Reborn Virtual Festival, a live stream scheduled on Twitch from 4 p.m.-10 p.m. UTC+02 on 13 June. It is expected to be a six-hour-long musical experience unlike any you’ve experienced so far. 

The line-up for the event includes Sri Lankan artists Jayy Vibes, Ultra, Selectro, Kyotto, Glow Funk based in Italy, and DJ Barusa in France. 

Glow Funk, a well-known Sri Lankan DJ who specialises in techno and tech house, shared with us that the event came about as a group of artist friends wanted to do something for the Lankan audience. He said: “This would be the first-ever virtual party in Lanka to help all the music lovers to connect during this pandemic.” 

He shared that Underground Milano is a new concept “where music and souls get to connect together during this pandemic”, and that they as a collective are trying to build a community where there are no geographical barriers but only love, music, and peace. The group believes that this is their opportunity to open the virtual doors for all the music enthusiasts to “connect with each other, while staying at home and enjoying good music!” 

DJ Glow Funk stated that this event of “Reborn” was certainly a team effort. Being the only Sri Lankan club DJ in Italy, he has always wanted to do something for the Lankan community here, and when the pandemic situation came to be, like many other artists, he too started playing live shows on Instagram almost every weekend which was broadcast on the pages of the club he performs at – Sio Café.

The event came about courtesy of the thinking of his friend Kushan. “He came up with the idea of doing something for the underground community. We have a network of a few DJs here and in Siberia, which is all about progressive house, and then we figured why not give a chance to our DJs so that we can give them international exposure also,” he said.

He also added that one of the main reasons they chose Twitch as the platform to stream was because this is an international collaboration. “The main reason we chose Twitch is because it is huge in Europe. We wanted to introduce that to Lanka too,” he said. Currently, he said, Twitch isn’t so popular among Lankans, but he thinks this may be an opportunity for them to get to know about the new platform to share and consume content as well. 

Jayy Vibes and Ultra form the line-up also shared briefly their thoughts on the upcoming event. 

“We are doing things differently; humanity has changed and we have adopted. Along with local artists situated all over the globe, we are bringing music to your living room,” said Ultra. 

Jayy Vibes said: “We are taking all measures to bring music for your entertainment, and this will be an initiative that will make a change. Six of our very talented local artists who reside across the globe will join hands to bring back the musical experience to all our devoted fans. Tune in, stay safe!”

On a closing note, Glow Funk stated that people can expect a proper musical journey to be streamed at home, and this will be a fresh experience for everyone.

The live stream will be on 

Date: Saturday, 13 June

Start time: Colombo – 7.30 p.m. (Milan – 4 p.m. Dubai – 6 p.m.,  Melbourne – 12 a.m.)