Reconstructing demolished building in Kurunegala: Rs. 9 million estimated cost 

By Sarah Hannan 

 The Ministry of Buddhasasana and Cultural and Religious Affairs has projected an initial reconstruction cost of Rs. 9 million to restore the demolished building in Kurunegala which is recognised as an archaeological site by the Department of Archaeology.

Speaking to The Morning, Ministry of Buddhasasana and Cultural and Religious Affairs Secretary M.K. Bandula Harischandra said that following the discussions that were held with the participation of the Anu Nayaka Theras and experts in the field of culture and archaeology, the site is to be reconstructed.

“We have drawn up an initial costing after consulting the experts. Before we commence the restoration work, a plan is to be designed of the building’s structure. Funds are to be raised in collaboration with the Wayamba Provincial Council, Kurunegala Municipal Council, Central Cultural Fund, and the Government as well,” Harischandra stated. 

When asked as to when the full report of the findings would be presented to the Prime Minister, he noted that it will probably be ready after the general election.