Recruitment of 500 University lecturers in progress due to increase of students

For the impending university year, a total of 500 University lecturers are to be recruited and the recruitment is currently in progress, stated Professor Sampath Amaratunga, Chairman of the University Grants Commission.

“This year, 10,579 more students will be enrolled in universities than last year. In addition, the number of lecturers required for these students has been increased this year and the General Treasury has approved the recruitment of about 500 lecturers. Accordingly, recruitment of new lecturers is in progress,” he stated.

Professor Sampath Amaratunga said that the number of students enrolled in other years is around 30,000 and that number will exceed 40,000 this year.

Accordingly, an additional 481 students were admitted to medical colleges, 565 students to medical colleges, 565 students to engineering faculties, 2973 students to faculties of science, 1099 students to faculties of commerce and management, 1680 students to arts and 318 students to aesthetics faculties. To be taken. The overall increase is 10,579.