Reduced PCR tests to curb identified case numbers?

While alleging that the Government is reducing the number of PCR tests conducted on a daily basis, Chairman of the Government Nursing Officers Association Saman Rathnapriya stated that this has led to a 50% reduction in Covid-19 daily cases detections.

These statements were expressed at a press conference held yesterday (17). 

“The Government only conducted 9,672 PCR tests on Thursday (16). The number of infections reported has reduced by 50%. On the 22nd of August, 28,000 PCR and RATs were conducted in the country,” he said.

Accordingly, Rathnapriya noted that when the 9,672 PCR tests conducted on Thursday are added to the number of RAT tests conducted, only 13,000 tests were conducted.

“Due to this the number of infections in the country should also reduce by 50%. It has dropped to about 2,300 or 2,400,” he explained.

Rathnapriya went on to question the Government on whether there is a point in reducing the number of tests in order to create a reduced number of infections.