Regulations in place to pave the way for militarisation: Harsha

Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Harsha De Silva condemned the emergency regulations imposed by the President on the 31st of August, stating that such regulations were imposed only to “pave the way for militarisation”.

These statements were made at a media briefing yesterday (02).

He further went on to explain the agreement between the Director General of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) and the Head of Sri Lanka Ports, where the Ports Authority informs the CAA daily or weekly on all imported items and the respective importer.

“All this data is recorded at the CAA. The CAA is aware of the quantity of sugar that is imported and where it is stored. But what did the caa do instead? They were idling,” he remarked.

De Silva questions if there was a certain transaction between the CAA and the sugar importers or if the raids conducted by the CAA are just a farce, making people believe that the acquired sugar stocks were seized and not purchased.

Finally, he asks, “If the sugar was hoarded illegally, and importers were going against the gazette regulations, why is the Government paying the importers for the sugar that was seized?”.