Renaissance Sri Lanka introduces their unique networking tool ‘Kumbuk’

Renaissance Sri Lanka is a humanitarian organisation founded in 2021, by “Sri Lankans who valourise Sri Lanka’s heritage and current successes”. It was registered in France, on 31 December 2020, under the Association loi 1901.

It is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-denominational, non-profit, humanitarian organisation that wishes to support the Sri Lankan population and promote ethical change in Sri Lanka, in order to improve the overall livelihood of the population, in harmony with the identity, culture, and values of its society. The organisation looks to empower Sri Lanka to meet the greatest challenges of the future such as climate change, environment degradation, technological revolutions, society’s transformations, and adapting to changing world dynamics.

Speaking to Renaissance Sri Lanka Ambassador, artist, humanitarian, and former Miss Universe Sri Lanka Stephanie Siriwardhana, she shared that the key differentiator for Renaissance Sri Lanka is their unique networking tool called “Kumbuk”. She shared that donors can use Kumbuk, their international online networking tool focused on Sri Lanka, for “business, culture, and sustainability in Sri Lanka”. She said that it is ideal if you wish to expand your business, outsource to Sri Lanka, or invest wisely.

Kumbuk allows donors to choose a virtual meeting from a list that is regularly emailed to you. You can choose a meeting that’s relevant to a specific business topic related to your current projects and activities. Other donors will choose the same meeting for the same or complementary reasons as you.

Renaissance provides that Kumbuk is the ideal way to network, as part of their donors are in fact entrepreneurs, chief executive officers (CEOs), heads of sales, sales managers, pre-sales managers, start-up geniuses, investors, chief technology officers (CTOs), heads of finance, business strategists, IT engineers, marketing managers, and innovators from Sri Lanka and abroad.

To further break it down: Business meetings are organised under topics such as outsource start-up product development to Sri Lanka, offshore IT services to Sri Lanka, meet or present IT and non-IT innovative start-ups, meet or present electronics and equipment companies, business process offshoring, media productions offshoring, etc. A donor’s search for partnerships, providers, investments, investors, or customers is facilitated this way. Additionally, Renaissance said they organise virtual meetings for their donors around ethical topics inspired from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations (UN).

Each donation option comes with different advantages, and while donors stand to benefit from Kumbuk, they also get a number of other advantages including an electronic badge and nominative certificate, access to the organisation’s webinar programme, permanent access to entertainment and cultural content on the website, and they also have permanent access to business information about Sri Lanka on their website, that will help one build their own business cases and receive a lot of useful information.

Renaissance Sri Lanka President and Executive Director Ashinsa Bopearachchi Cavalié stated that they had scheduled a live webinar to explore the key business benefits of using their networking tool “Kumbuk”, and also to learn about the mission and goals of their non-profit organisation and understand how to make a difference in social, environmental, and economic ecosystems in the country complete with a live Q&A session with the speakers –  herself; Siriwardhana; Ceydigital CEO Kalinga Gunawardhana; actress, director, producer, and activist Kaushalya Fernando; and Women and Media Collective Advisor Sepali Kottegoda. We spoke to Kottegoda, who shared that she is joining Renaissance in her capacity as a gender equality advocate with a focus on women migrant workers. She said that they will discuss the issue of women migrating for work, the root causes, and explore alternatives for such women, whether it be better regulated work or other opportunities within the island, etc. Bopearachchi Cavalié stated, however, that due to Covid-19 complications, the event which was scheduled for 10 June has since been postponed. However, updates can be found on their Facebook Page and website.



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