Resume development projects abandoned during Yahapalanaya Govt: PM

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed the officials to resume a number of urban development projects that were abandoned during the previous government’s tenure.

He instructed the officials if the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing to resume a number of such urban development projects from today.

During a discussion held at the Ministry of Finance on the project issues of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, the Prime Minister reviewed the progress of development projects that were to be implemented under the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and are currently underway.

A group of officials informed the Prime Minister that a number of development projects have been abandoned during the last five years of the previous government.

The Prime Minister also instructed the government to restart a number of projects that have been abandoned by the construction companies under the previous government.

Special attention was also paid to urban development, waste conservation, waste disposal and community sanitation.

The Prime Minister said that in addition to the revenue earned by the Urban Development Authority for all projects, the General Treasury should also send the necessary financial allocations.