Rs. 5000 allowance for Govt. workers: SJB wants the same for all citizens

The Rs. 5000 relief fund which was approved by Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa yesterday (03) for Government servants should be distributed to every citizen of Sri Lanka, says Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Kavinda Jayawardena.

At a media briefing held today (04), the MP said that this must be done as the whole nation is suffering right now.

“Is it only the Government servants who are suffering? The whole country is suffering and they don’t have any relief. If the Government servants are getting Rs. 5000 as a relief, this amount should also be distributed to the other people as well. Sadly, with Rs. 5000, nothing can be done now. How many loaves of bread and rations can you buy with Rs. 5000? Even if the money is available, there is no food, milk powder, gas, fertiliser, kerosene, rice, or wheat,” said Jayawardena.

He further alleged that the Rs. 5000 allowance is being facilitated through money printed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) which is depreciating the rupee further.

“Santa Claus can print money behind closed doors and try to cover up by distributing a few Rs. 5000 notes. This is only depreciating the Sri Lankan Rupee. The CBSL is printing money like there is no tomorrow. The people are not ignorant anymore,” he added.

Jayawardena further mentioned that suspicions have risen that the Rajapaksa family would put the country in bankruptcy and escape to the USA.

“They will print money and take off with all the money. The poor in Sri Lanka will remain in a bankrupt country, whereas the Rajapaksa family will take off to the USA. We are sure this is what is going to happen,” he concluded.