Sajith paid for the sins of the Government -Harin

Sajith Premadasa paid for the sins of the government at the presidential polls, Former Sports, Telecommunications and Foreign Employment Minister Harin Fernando said.

Fernando was speaking at a press conference in Colombo today.

Fernando said even though Premadasa had a clean slate, the yahapalana government’s failures took a toll on Premadasa’s candidacy.

He said the SLPP candidate had two months to prepare whilst certain individuals in the UNP gave the candidacy to Premadasa at the eleventh hour.

“The SLPP were able to organize targeted campaigns but Premadasa only had 154 rallies to convince the people of this nation. ”

“Majority of the people chose national security. Many citizens had already made their decision whilst the tug of war was going in the UNP.”

“We want to go ahead under Sajith Premadasa’s leadership at the parliamentary elections. If there is resistance to this an alternative force will be formed, “Fernando said.

Fernando speaking further commended certain initiatives of new President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

However he said the new president’s vision was different to those around him. “The new president will have to face many challenges in the future as what he wants for the country is different to those around him want.”