Sajith’s helicopter faces difficulty landing due to Sabotage

 New Democratic Front (NDF) candidate Sajith Premadasa’s helicopter was unable to land in Kurunegala today due to alleged sabotage.

Premadasa was to address a rally in kurunegala today.

Deputy Minister Ajith P. Perera said that the electricity was cut off in the area just before the helicopter could land.

Perera claimed that the Kurunegala Municipality had cut off electricity at the spot the helicopter was to land placing Premadasa’s life in danger.

Perera said that the helicopter was eventually diverted forcing Premadasa to skip the Kurunegala rally.

At the rally, State Minister Ashoka Abeysinghe announced that Premadasa was unable to attend as his helicopter faced difficulties when landing as a result of a sudden power cut.  Abeysinghe further said the area had also experienced a water cut.

“Premadasa asked if I could keep you’ll waiting until he returns from katunayaka. I said that is not possible as I cannot keep my people waiting for 1 to 2 hours,” Abeysinghe said to those who were present at the rally.