Samagi Jana Sandanaya in the making

By Sarah Hannan

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) National Organiser MP Tissa Attanayake said that establishing the Samagi Jana Sandanaya is vital to ensuring the supporting parties are given a fair chance to deliver on the promises made to their voter bases.

“We are a recognised political party according to the Election Commission. We contested as the Samagi Jana Balawegaya under the telephone symbol, while other parties aligned themselves to support us and secure our voter base during this election.”

Attanayake noted that if an alliance is not formed, it would cause a lot of disadvantages to the other friendly parties that supported the SJB in gaining seats during the general election.

“We need to retain their support for upcoming elections, and we will continue as the SJB but will also form an alliance so we can afford fair treatment to all the parties that align with us. It will also strengthen the Opposition in keeping the governing party in check in the next five years,” Attanayake elaborated.

“The Samagi Jana Sandanaya needs to be created so the UNP (United National Party) can align with us under the leadership of Sajith Premadasa.”

The UNP clearly needs a person to lead the party and a member pool that can revive its now-diminishing reputation caused by its many unresolved problems.

Noting that the party Constitution can be clearly changed, he said that the requirement of a nominated person being a serving member of the Working Committee can be addressed.

“They are still not decided on their National List member who should sit in Parliament, which says a lot about how misguided the party already is. Therefore, we are open to discussing terms with the UNP in the coming weeks and look forward to a positive outcome,” Attanayake concluded.