Samsung Members: A community platform for all Samsung Galaxy users

Samsung brings its latest updates and features through Samsung Members, a platform that brings together all Samsung Galaxy users. Samsung Members is Samsung’s very own community platform in which all Sri Lankan Samsung galaxy users can engage with each other to discuss topics and share their Samsung Galaxy experience. This app, signified by the M logo, comes pre-installed on all the latest Samsung smartphones, so that customers can simply access the application as soon as they get their latest Galaxy device. This app specifically allows all Samsung users to come together as a community and elevate their user experience.

Regarding the new app, Samsung Sri Lanka Managing Director Kevin SungSu YOU expressed: “Technology cuts across many aspects of our lives and it is important to know how to fully capitalise on what it can provide us in our day-to-day lives. The Samsung Members application allows you to enhance the Samsung experience among users and their products. Now, they will also have the possibility to learn more about how Samsung’s innovation can make their lives easier, they can raise topics, chat with experts, and participate in different events designed for them. It is an interactive space that reflects the spirit of Samsung.”

This new meeting point for Samsung users will have different categories. In the Samsung Members “Community” tab, experts, fans, and other members can create and co-create content about different products and share their experience. In addition, content will be generated to talk about the diverse and fascinating interests of consumers and inviting the same community to propose topics of conversation.

For anyone who has a passion for gaming and eSports, the “Gaming” tab carries information on the latest developments in the gaming world along with tips on gaming. This section further informs phone features and news specifically on gaming, along with eSport optimisation through Samsung devices.

Meanwhile, the “Featured” tab will carry posts in which the company provides information on the latest promotions, launches, and products. Users can view the latest from Samsung Sri Lanka in this section. Furthermore, users can get information on the latest software updates directly from Samsung, which would avoid unnecessary third party unauthorised updates.

Through the “Get Help” section, users can explore all the ways they can maximise the performance of their Samsung device. They can get insider know-how and run diagnostic tests to see how to optimise battery performance, storage usage, and other features to help them do more. Samsung strives to make this a consumer’s app, designed to personalise their Samsung experience and fit their unique needs. Users can also bookmark their favorite content, manage their devices, and see their app activity – all in one place.

Further, the “Galaxy Gallery” positions itself as a canvas area where users can get creative and share their skills in photography. The tab hosts all photos uploaded by users where other users can get tips on how to improve their photography skills or simply share their photos among the Samsung community.