Sanara Nethaki’s love for music


By Kusumanjalee Thilakarathna


Today on The Sunday Morning Little Stars, is a young musician who takes interest in playing multiple musical instruments. This 10-year-old music enthusiast, Sanara Nethaki Fernando, is a student of St. John’s Girls School, Panadura. She says she was inspired to play and study music from a very young age as she admires the work her father does as a musician. 

Q: Sanara, can you tell us more about yourself?

A: My full name is Sanara Nethaki Fernando. I am in grade six now. I live in Pallimulla, Panadura. My father Sangeet Visharad Pradeep Srinath was a member of the music band ‘Zenith’. Now he has his own music institute. My mom, Himali Deshapriya Soyza, is a housewife. I have two brothers. My eldest brother, Visharad Dulara Oshen, is an audio engineer. My second brother, Randunu Kaushalya, who is also older than me, is also a music lover just like me. He has a beautiful voice and he is currently studying for his Advanced Levels. Like my brother, I too am following the Indian music exams in both vocal and instrument categories. I’m in the second level now. 
I used to have a pet cat but sadly it is no more. We are looking for a pet cat these days. My main hobby is playing music. I also love to sing and draw. I started to sing when I was just three years old. I am also good at dancing. 

Q: What musical instruments do you play?

A: I play the violin, guitar, flute, organ, and also the serpina.

Q: Do you plan on learning how to play more instruments?

A: Yes. I want to learn to play the sitar, tabla, and the esraj. Fortunately, all these instruments are already at home as my brother plays them. I just have to get my father to teach me. My eldest brother plays the sitar.

Q: You said your father is your inspiration behind your interest in music.

A: Yes. Because my father is a former member of a popular music group, I had the opportunity to listen to different genres of music. He used to sing foreign language songs too. I love listening to them. My brothers also followed music inspired by him. Music is a big part of our family so I was naturally drawn to learning music. 

Q: Music must be a joint family hobby.

A: Yes, that’s correct. At home, all of us get together in the evenings to sing and listen to music. My father’s music institute also encourages this habit. 

Q: How does your mother support you?

A: She is the one who looks into my education, helps me with my homework, and takes good care of me. 

Q: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

A: I pursue a couple of sports at school. I really enjoy gymnastics. I’m in level two now. I play chess too but I was not able to continue chess classes at school due to the pandemic. 
I have taken part in singing competitions. I once won first place at a competition organised by the divisional secretariat. I am a member of the school Eastern band too. 
My brother maintains a YouTube channel to post his music productions. I sometimes get a chance to sing for the productions of this channel.
I have also done a couple of songs for children’s films directed by Piyal Yatawara.

Q: What is your ambition?
A: I want to become an actor but I also want to become a music teacher. I enjoy teaching music just as much as I love playing music. I sometimes get a chance to teach the kids at my father’s institute. 

Q: Would you like to thank anyone?

A: Yes. My family has always supported me. I want to thank Piyal Yatawara uncle for the opportunities he has given me, and my teachers, especially my class teacher Miss Nadeeka, and my school music teacher Miss Anoma. They have always encouraged me.