Several suggestions made by ministers to curb the power cut crisis: Dullas


BY Ruwani Fonseka


Further to the request made by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to attend to the fuel and power crisis in the country, several cabinet ministers have tabled productive suggestions to help curb the power cut crisis in the country, said Cabinet Spokesperson Dullas Alahapperuma.

He made this statement while speaking exclusively with The Morning today (28).

“We have received a total of 11 suggestions, out of which 3 are from the Ministry of Power and another 4 from the Ministry of Energy. Minister Udaya Gammanpila tabled one suggestion which he backed with research from the University of Moratuwa. The students had done a survey and research on fuel consumption of vehicles while stuck in traffic. This is due to the conventional 9am to 5pm working hours and people using personal vehicles to commute. Instead, people can always use public transport, car-pooling or the working hours can we revised to reduce traffic and in return reduce fuel consumption for the consumers. According to the Moratuwa University students who conducted the project, Rs 35 billion rupees is lost in unnecessary fuel consumption while stuck in traffic. This is a lot of money and a lot of fuel,” said Alahapperuma.

He further added that another suggestion was to reduce the use of elevators in public and private companies.

“People can always benefit from a little exercise. Another suggestion was to switch off elevator use during peak hours, and people can climb one of two floors. Of course an elevator is necessary for higher floors, but this can be regulated always. Elevator consumption alone accounts for Rs 2 billion on average. This is electricity consumption that can be curbed,” he added.

Minister Alahapperuma further added that today’s cabinet meeting will be held virtually, and the suggestions which have been tabled so far by the cabinet ministers will be discussed.

“Hopefully we can look forward to some good suggestions which is practical and that can be implemented so that we can find a solution to the power cut crisis. I understand people are going through a very difficult period, this is the most difficult period I have faced in my career as well. We are working hard to ease the situation in the country. Lets hope for some positivity,” he concluded.