SL doesn’t have a LP gas cylinder testing facility

Sri Lanka does not have a gas cylinder testing facility or laboratory says Minister of Co-operative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection Lasantha Aligiyawanna.

He made this statement while speaking in parliament today (29).

“Since the 1960’s when LP gas cylinders came into the market, we had no testing facility for the gas cylinders. We have received gas cylinder samples from various areas in Sri Lanka, and these samples have been sent to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) and the Moratuwa University for testing. The Moratuwa university has reported back stating that they cannot guarantee the safety of the cylinders and cannot give a valid report on the samples,” said Aligiyawanna.

He added that 12 gas cylinders have been obtained from Gampaha, Kurunegala, Ratnapura, Galle and Colombo, and these samples have been sent to the CEYPETCO for further testing, which will then once again be sent to the Moratuwa University for reconfirmation and a final report.

Aligiyawanna said that the reports from the Moratuwa University are due today, and he will be presenting these reports once again in Parliament.

Additionally, Aligiyawanna stated that within this week, a final decision would be made on proceedings regarding the gas cylinder explosions.