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SLC co-ordinator faces conflict of interest allegations




Shibly Wilcassim


* Allegations of SLC employee conducting ‘business’ with SLC

* The concerned individual denies all allegations


An individual by the name of Shibly Wilcassim has been accused by his detractors as someone who does “business” extensively with the cricket board, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), whilst “working” in the same organisation – a conflict of interest?

“He (Wilcassim) has been providing all the cricket goods to the board from his personal shop. The proper tender procedures too are violated.

In addition, he is given an additional responsibility as a venue co-ordinator by the (SLC) ex-co,” claimed a source critical of Wilcassim’s role in the cricket board, on the condition of anonymity.

A recent submission forwarded to the SLC executive committee, as seen by The Morning Sports (please see the photo accompanying this report) has requested to appoint Wilcassim as “Venue Co-ordinator with an appropriate remuneration package…and the use of a vehicle”.

Board politics?

The Morning Sports yesterday (11) inquired from Wilcassim about the conflict of interest allegation and his new appointment.

The letter requesting the appointment of Shibly Wilcassim as venue co-ordinator

“I have not yet got this new appointment. On the allegation that I am an employee of the board, it’s not true. I am only a co-ordinator of the cricket board,” explained Wilcassim.

“We are not living on the earnings from the cricket board. I have an opposition within our cricket administration. Those people could be waiting to find fault in anything that we do,” he added.

‘I don’t lie’

With regard to the allegation that he is not following proper tender procedures, Wilcassim said it is an “utter lie” and he is following all the stipulated guidelines of the board in all his business dealings with it.

“Even for purchasing ten leather balls, I will follow all the procurement and tender procedures. I don’t lie. But it is not the truth that they are saying. We have to follow those procedures. I don’t do those things,” reiterated Wilcassim.

Supposedly carrying votes in SLC election

Meanwhile, another source alleged that only Wilcassim gets an undue benefit in this manner, through illegitimate tender procedures, because of his closeness to high officials of the board.

“How can only one party get over 90% of procurement opportunities? Who else, who may too are registered goods providers, had been given that much of an opportunity? In addition, he is the one who carries two votes from his club (Saracens Sports Club) at the cricket board elections,” he claimed.

“He (Wilcassim) gets all these undue benefits from the board through one of the Vice Presidents of the cricket board,” he further alleged.

Denial of all allegations

But Wilcassim denies those allegations.

“It is true that I am the Sri Lanka agent for many leading cricket products in the world. Everything is called by quotations. I have all the proof with me and I will invite anyone to see them,” Wilcassim assured.

“If I follow all the required procedures and, at the same time, I am not directly involved in cricket board administration in an official capacity, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Anybody can make allegations which are not true.”

Our efforts to get further clarification from SLC CEO Ashley de Silva on Wilcassim’s possible new appointment proved futile.