SLPP MP calls on TNA to halt practice of “ethno nationalism”

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna MP Dr. Suren Raghavan in Parliament yesterday (07) issued a stern rebuke of what he termed as “ethno nationalisitc” politics practiced by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

While pointing out the TNA’s request to the European Union to withdraw the country’s GSP+ concessions, Dr. Raghavan added that the current Government stands at the right moment in history to bring about radical changes and focus on more important things such as reclaiming Sri Lanka’s standing on the global stage.

“When i am listening to the debates in this house, we could see how ethno-nationalistic we have become. Instead of answering our deepening questions about our economy and the place that Sri Lanka should be holding in the international community, we are still blaming each other. The reason for this is that we have taken an ethno-nationalistic fever as our fundamental way of doing politics,” he stated.

Dr. Raghavan also mentioned that Sri Lanka needs a reimagination of its state where all the citizens are equal, with democracy being the most qualifying condition to draw a social contract between the state and society.

“This is the moment to do this. This is the time to make radical changes to governance. The Tamil nationalists are scared that we intend to talk to the diaspora. We must talk to them, and when we do, our dialogue must demand listening and change. I would also like to ask the TNA and their supporters to stop sabotaging my motherland with their divise and narrow minded politics,” he concluded.