SLPP Pradeshi Sabha member tied to a lamp post in Kalutara

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Pradeshi sabha member Harsha Jayasri was tied to a lamp post yesterday and later taken to the Kalutara North police station for consuming alcohol and harassing the residents of the Galpatha area in Kalutara.

The same was confirmed by Kalutara North Police OIC I G Fonseka today (22).

“Harsha Jayasri, who is a pradeshi sabha member, has been doing this repeatedly for a long time. People have been inconvenienced by his drinking and behavior. He has been drinking excessively and then acting quite badly. Yesterday, he had broken two window panes of a house while causing chaos in the neighborhood. Because of this, the people of the village have caught him, tied him to a lamp post in the town, and later dragged him to the police station,” said Fonseka.

He went on to say that when Jayasri was brought in by the village people, he was intoxicated and was injured from the window panes he had broken.

“Jayasri was taken to a hospital for the injuries on his hands and is now in remand. He has paid Rs 15,000 for the damages to the window panes, and the people of the area have dropped his case. Whereas, Sri Lanka police is taking up the case as he has been behaving inappropriately while under the influence of alcohol, and that itself is an offence,” Fonseka concluded.

Jayasri is to be produced before the Kalutara Magistrate’s Court next week.